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We at Ideal Liaisoning are in the process of hiring a company secretary who has more than 12 years of experience as a Company Secretary(C.S). We expect from you to be well-versed in the various functionalities executed by a C.S in their natural capacity, such as handling the legal aspects of the company, carrying out audits in the company, and acting as a connecting link between various administrative bodies within and outside the company.

The candidate should have excellent communication skills which will enable him/her to cooperate flawlessly with other professionals. Therefore, we are essentially looking for a combination of soft and hard skills in a C.S.

Department: Legal Advisory
Project Location(s): As per project requirement
Education: Certified Company Secretary
Compensation: As per project requirement


Candidates can look forward to regular client contact, a role in business development and proposal writing/methodology creation, and a

  • Act as a guide for the chairman and director of the company to help them know their functions and duties as well as their rights.
  • To ensure that the company is following all the legal and regulatory pointers that are mentioned in the company’s memorandum.
  • To act as a legal advisor for the company by acting as a legal advisor for the company’s executives.
  • In case of legal disputes, give advice to the company’s administrative team after consulting with the legal expert.
  • To play the role of a communication link between the investor, the board of directors and other authorities.


  • The candidate should be thorough with their knowledge of aspects such as company law.
  • He/she should be able to communicate effectively with their peers and people higher in the hierarchy.
  • Professional demeanor is expected from the candidate
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