We need an experienced and seasoned lawyer, with at least 12 years of experience and has handled various legal aspects of at least a medium sized company efficiently. He/she should be well-versed in the various sections and provisions in law that can help the organization in times of legal dilemmas.

The core capability of the advocate should be to help the company untangle itself from matters of legal disputes. Also, he/she should be able to advice the company regarding any of its projects from a legal standpoint.

The advocate should be capable enough to ensure that the organization stays out of legal complications.

Department: Legal Advisory
Project Location(s): As per project requirement
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Compensation: As per project requirement


Candidates can look forward to regular client contact, a role in business development and proposal writing/methodology creation, and a

  • Reviewing and analysing business contracts with sub-contractors and supply vendors.
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Drafting and filing reports as per government guidelines
  • Providing legal guidance to senior managers on regulations and compliance-related matters
  • Helping the organization streamline complex legal matters like mergers or acquisitions
  • Representing the company in law suits during court trials or before administrative agencies.



  • Has significant work experience in handling legal matters for medium-sized companies.
  • Has drafted legal reports in accordance to the local law.
  • Has had performed complex legal tasks.
  • Has excellent legal acumen.
  • Has an eye for identifying issues that can potentially cause legal troubles.
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