Legal Proceedings Monitoring

Case studies

Ideal Liaisoning is a full-service bespoke organization backed by highly-skilled and experienced best legal consultants in India. We are committed towards providing innovative and holistic legal solutions to valued clients. We follow a dynamic approach and always strive hard to foray our steps into newer practices. When you consult us for your legal matters’ resolutions, we assist you to step by step by thoroughly studying your case till curating complete plan of action for your future legal proceedings.

Appointment of a legal practitioner

With the vast experience in law and all types of lawsuits, our omniscient legal associates cater to every little detail of your legal case with honesty. We assist you in hiring legal practitioner for your case or consult with your personal lawyer. We understand the facts and decide which lawyer suits you the best and as per our case study and case requirements, we then discuss and curate further plans of action for court proceedings with your lawyer.

Before date follow-ups

We at Ideal Liaisoning have an unmatched track record in offering clients valuable and timely services. After thoroughly studying the case, we do regular follow-ups with the client and lawyers before proceeding date. Then, we provide legal assistance to create a plan of action, approach, evidence facts, testimony, witnesses, and several other documents supporting the client’s position client at the next trial.

Next Date Planning

Ideal Liaisoning is a new era platform that is dedicated to providing pioneering legal solutions to its clients. So, when you are with us, you need to feel free, as we have taken all the chores and responsibility of conflict’s resolution on our shoulders. We effectively create a record of the combined remarks and orders provided by the judiciary for our client as well as for the opposite party. We follow a seamless approach in collecting the evidence, witness data and other information that is helpful in creating next date planning.

Disputes Solving

As we all know, nobody wants to go to court with his/her own wish. So, we as a professional & dedicated consultant become a mediator between both parties, to resolve the ongoing dispute in a peaceful way. We try to bring both parties on the same page and make them agree for out of court settlement. We aim to become peacemaker between the parties and dedicated to settling disputes out of court and save our client and opposite party from time-consuming, inappropriate and costly legal proceedings.

Record keeping

We keep our client records up to date and strategically maintain the case records, proceedings data, case reports, etc. right from initial suite application hearing to date. These well-planned and updated records help the client in the event of any other legal or ethical proceedings. We do complete supervision in maintaining client records and confidential data private, In short, we at Ideal Liaisoning are your savior and assist you in removing your hassles that you face till the final hearing.

On-time submissions

Idea Liaisoning brings together highly-professional legal consultants of India. We don’t believe in wasting the time and money of clients and for that, we always strive hard to provide on-time submission of a plan of action which is based on research conducted during regular follow-ups and all the past court proceedings. We completely understand the importance of your case goals and assist you with on-time delivery of the action plan that is required to submit to the judiciary for the next hearing.

Court call presence

We not only assist our clients in drafting a plan of action but also, we present at the trial court on behalf of our client only when the client appoint us to do so. We represent our clients, speak on their behalf, plead their case, in short, we are always there to work as per the case demands and responsible for defending for the legitimate interests and rights of the client that proves fruitful in achieving success in the legal proceedings.

Collecting copy of proceedings

After defending our client at the court, we also liable to collect the data related to the proceeding of the same day that we attended on the client’s behalf. The proceeding information involves all the brief documents required for the plan of action for the next trial. We provide value to the client by collecting, verify the facts on their behalf, and thoroughly study the law until the case comes at rest.

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