Project Coordination


As a leader in the project coordination consulting, Ideal Liaisoning is the exclusive niche solutions provider clients seek out when they are looking to start a new business project, factory project setup, real-estate construction project, IT project or any other project related to any sector. We assist our client to initiate that project and take all necessary decision to develop and grow that project further. Our initial initiatives, time-tested approaches, and proven project management consulting help our clients to pave the way for a better business development ahead.

Concept & Designing

As project concept and design is an early phase of the project, here our skilled teamwork toward deciding the project’s key features, criteria for success, structure, and plan many other major project deliverables such as sketches, flowcharts, site trees, screen designs, etc. We try to develop more than one concept and design in order to have multiple options that can be used to achieve the desired project goals. Clients can then select the best-desired concept to use for the final execution of the project.


Project planning is a crucial phase in the life of every project because it identifies the key elements and sets the overall plan structure of the project. We at Ideal Liaisoning, help our client strategically create the plan that defines Project Goal, Outcomes, Objectives, Deliverables, Risks, Assumptions, Constraints, Budget, Approval requirements, etc. Once we complete project planning, we then prepare a visual aid to better represent all parts of the project. All in all, we create a complete workflow in the project planning phase that clarifies the project’s complete development structure.


The whole point of a business project is to craft deliverables of all sorts and this is where the project execution phase begins. After project planning, our highly-professional team works on the project execution that represents a cyclical process of the project implementation. They take all necessary steps in executing the processes that involve coordinating resources and manpower, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project that are required to accomplish the requirements defined in the project planning.


Our experienced project management team has great expertise in handling all the project tasks strategically & efficiently. After project execution processes, we thoroughly monitor the project execution so that potential issues can be identified in a timely manner in order to take corrective actions. Our team kept on their toes to monitor the ongoing project activities, project variables as well as the project performance baseline. We then analyze what other processes need to be done to get the project on a fast development track.


The next phase is projected controlling, in which our team controls all project processes for analyzing and gathering project data to keep the track of schedules and costs. Our project control process involves managing the core project management elements including initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling, communicating, and closing out project schedules and costs. Ultimately, we work on iterative processes in the project control phase for measuring project status, forecasting possible outcomes based on that analysis, and then we take appropriate corrective actions to achieve the desired project outcome.

Joint Venture Creation

In case you are interested in a joint venture and want to work with another company, then, also, our team is ready to assist with the best Joint Venture Consulting Services. Our JVC approaches serve many purposes, including filling the gaps in venture capabilities, facilitating new market insights, infrastructure, customer base, identifying the risks and potential ROI, etc. Ideal Liaisoning consultants provide the deep knowledge, guidance, and insights required to identify the right partner and create the right set of project documentation such as joint venture options & planning, drafting joint venture contracts and agreements, outsourcing requirements, etc.

Investor Creation

As a newbie project with limited experience, it’s always difficult to convince potential investors to invest in your idea. But, don’t worry, now, Ideal Liaisoning is here to help. We have India’s trusted consultancy service provider for investor creation and fundraising. We help you in getting funding for your project. Our Investor Creation process involves a 360-degree analysis which is based on the feedback from multiple stakeholders and industry experts focusing on principal investors with leading companies that could help you achieve your business goals in an efficient and hassle-free way.


Now, is the turn for the project closure that is not just limited to executing deliverables? The project management experts at Ideal Liaisoning also assist you in the closing phase of your project. In this stage, our team takes corrective measures to keep a check on the final execution of all the deliverables and documentation. We ensure our clients that all project tasks, project management processes, and documentation have been completed according to the project plan and scope. In this way, the client can easily review and evaluate the project’s performance to ensure future success.

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