Property Clearance

Corrections of Forgeries

Ideal Liaisoning provides a comprehensive property risk assessment platform covering all property fraud detection, corrections of forgeries, legal due diligence, etc. Since generations, Indian home buyers have been struggling to overcome several fundamental property issues, such as; illegal property disputes, forgeries in a property sale, mistakes in parent documents, and so on. Here, we are always ready to address such concerns and we do everything possible to get those corrections rectified as and when required while making your property clearance process less stressful!

Correction of the illegal easement

Ideal Liaisoning provides end to end legal assistance in correcting those mistakes and resolving disputes that you discovered after the property purchase. Such as an illegal easement that does not give the property holder a right of “possession” of the property and unfortunately such scenario disrupts the property owner’s enjoyment of the property. We assist the property owners who are frustrated by an illegal easement and help them correcting and resolving those issues in several ways such as by adjoining the property, appeal to terminate the easement, etc. We take corrective actions that help landowners resolve disputes that create uncertainty and mental & emotional stress.

Correction of public records

As we all know mistakes are inevitable, but such errors in public property records could impact the sale and purchase of a property. In case you have also discovered such mistakes, then we at Ideal Liaisoning will assist you in getting those corrections done such as inaccurate descriptions of the property, wrong square footage of a home, spelling mistake in owner’s name, wrong addresses, etc. We fix these errors on your behalf right from visiting tehsildar or public records clerk, collecting all relevant information of property, appeal in government offices to correct and verification of new information till your corrections show up on public records.

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