Turnkey Projects

Land to Lock & Key

Nothing can compare the great feeling of moving to a readymade desired home with all features that we always dreamt of. To get this desire to happen in your life, consult with Ideal Liaisoning. We have great expertise in Turnkey Projects for different sectors that comprises the whole gamut of land allocation, architectural drawing, designing, till the final execution of handing over the key to the project owner. We provide a full suite of project management services to assist right from land selection to final executions of project, so you just need to take lock & key of your desired home and move in right away.


Ideal Liaisoning has hands-on experience in interiors project management that is crucial for your new project’s success. Our architectural project management processes involve keeping the designs done, details in order, budgets on target, and schedules completely on track. Our exquisite Interior project management services Professional engineers & architects, interior designers, and construction administrators go beyond in bringing a unique appeal to your project. Connect with us today to get our great expertise in elegant architecture and innovative design to achieving your project design goals.

Maintenance & Repairs

At Ideal Liaisoning, our vision is to provide hassle-free maintenance & repairs services to property owners who are not living at that location currently or permanently reside outside location. Usually, many property owners made a lot of investments in order to save create their future assets. We have reputed and professionally managed proprietorship association offerings a trusted service of property caretaking, maintenance, and repairs especially for NRIs and Property owners who reside outside of that location. Our professionals completely take care of their properties in their absence, right from housekeeping residential/ commercial along with renovation, electric repairs, renting to securities guard services, etc.

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